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In the complex and highly skilled industry of construction it’s highly unlikely when building a new home or renovating your house that a single workman whether it is a builder or engineer will possess all the skills necessary to do everything involved in the building process. For the initial planning stage of your construction project it’s recommended that you hire an expert local architect who will produce planning documents such as Concept Designs and Feasibility studies based on the requirements set out by the client.  For example an architect will likely ask you key details such as the estimated size of the property and the desired amount of bathrooms and bedrooms as well as any design influences or themes which the client wishes to be adopted or replicated. Based on the specifications outlined by the client the architect will produce concept designs which act as a brief visual representation of a proposed design based on the requirements outlined by the client. The architect will also produce what’s known as a feasibility study where the architect will develop initial concept designs further which take into account any limitations your project may have such as the size of the build area or limited budget. This is typically the first opportunity a client has of seeing a realistic visual representation of a property which meets the requirements they initially set out which also takes into account any constraints identified by the architect and gives an opportunity for the client to adjust the requirements to minimize the flaws associated with the design constraints. Depending on the Architectural Company you go with in Fort Worth, the company may produce hand drawn sketches to visualize their designs or build digital models of the property using sophisticated modelling techniques and powerful rendering machines in a practice called architectural visualisation.

Architectural Visualisation

Fort Worth's Architectural Companies offer a variety of services, including renderings and animation (Fly-Throughs), 3D Walkthroughs, virtual reality, and architectural visualization. Fort Worth architects often work with partners in Texas in all phases of the real estate life cycle. This includes Pre-Development and Development stages, Conceptual Design Presentations and AutoCAD Drafting. 3D Building Modeling and 3D Visual Imagery are also available. An architectural company based in Fort Worth which provides their clients with 3D renders of proposed designs will consist of renders which focus on the following elements of the property. 3D Exterior Renderings are focused on the exterior and surrounding areas of the property. They either focus on just the property on its own or include the entire neighbourhood, including features such as fences and waterbodies depending on the scale of the project. An architect may experiment convey their design using different lighting situations such as Morning, Night and different weather conditions. These can be used to create impressive marketing materials to show investors. A 3D rendering of the exterior of a property enables all those involved in its design and construction to envision the same outcome and ensures that proposed design decisions are valid and feasible.

3D Interior Renders 

3D Interior Rendering focuses on everything within a property and is a practice also adopted by interior designers to highlight everything from designs for furniture, carpets, curtains, bedrooms and bathrooms as well as much more. 3D Interior Design is excellent at conveying real-life interpretations of designs with the use of photorealistic 3D models and how light reacts to real materials whether it is ceramic for the bathroom or glossy floor tiles used inside the home.

3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plan renders offer more detail and depth than traditional 2D Floor Plans. Floor Cut Renderings allows potential buyers to visualize themselves inside the house or building, and the arrangement of the various spaces within it. A building developer must make their property stand out in an extremely competitive neighbourhood. You can highlight key areas, such as the living and kitchen spaces in a 3D floorplan in much greater detail. This will help you to improve your property listing among your competitors.

3D Walkthroughs

Clients and others involved in building the property can view the 3D model from different angles. A detailed outline of the textures of walls, floors, windows, and doors can be experienced by clients. A 3D Walkthrough is the most valuable deliverable as It allows the customer to take a virtual tour through the property, just like they are there themselves. The animation allows potential buyers to take a virtual tour through the property before construction begins. The potential buyers will be able to get an idea of the feel and layout of the property.

Design Development Stage

Once a design decision has been agreed on between the client and the architect, the architect will begin to further explore the scope of the project in more detail to establish a better understanding on whether the budget outlined by the client can feasibly achieve the goals specified in the design proposal. The architect would aid the client in submitting a plan application to the local authority if planning permission is needed. This will contain detailed descriptions of each proposal as well as its scope, scale and materiality. The local authority will use this information to determine if it is compatible with the surrounding area.

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